Snow Day!!

I really think this is the first "snow day" I've ever had. It snowed when I was in 8th grade, but it was during the Christmas holiday, so we didn't get days off of school. Well, the day has come. So on this lovely Friday, I put the books away, put on a scarf (how many times do you really NEED a scarf living in Jackson, MS?), made some tortilla soup, and played with Oscar Bob in the snow. I really think that he must have been a reindeer or a Siberian husky in a previous life. He loves the snow. I had to coax him back inside with treats. He was shaking and soaked with snow, but he was so dang happy about it. He's also really hydrated today because he's eaten about 20 snowballs. He's good at catching them in his mouth... then eating them. So here are a few of my favorite pictures. 



Ok, listen, I really hate to be that girl that puts her poor dog in a sweater. So, in my defense, it actually used to be Polo's sweater, and he was SO cold!! I had to do it. Don't judge me.

It took Polo a little while to "get it," but he's down with the snow now.

Our snowman had a mild case of scoliosis. Apparently his mouth fell off before this picture, and truth be told, one of Grayce's turds ended up embedded in the back of him (awesome).. BUT I'm pretty dang proud of his size.

My sweet little pal! I feel like he's a little too... exposed... in this picture, but I thought it was too precious not to share.

Happy snow day! Back to watching *Bewitched!