30-day mission

So, we got our engagement pictures back this past week, and I just want to know WHY someone didn't say, "Hey, Laura, since you've been living in a hospital all year, maybe you should go outside and get a tan before you have your pasty white self photographed." No one said that. Thanks a lot, friends. I mean, I know I come from Irish people. I am not going to look like Eva Longoria. But, y'all, I'm see-through. And I didn't know it until I got those pictures back!

I am now on a serious mission to get a tan in the next 30 days. [THIRTY DAYS!!!!!] I thought about going to the tanning bed, but I just refuse to pay $40 a month to lay in a tanning bed when I live in Mississippi, and I can walk out by back door and get all the gene-damaging, skin-cancer-causing UV rays I want for FREE. 'Cause y'all know I don't have a job. (11 more months of being Matt's "dead weight" as he so lovingly refers to my unemployment... I don't know who he thinks he's kidding though. He'll be eating those words in a few years when "dead weight" turns into "bread-winner.")

So I just laid out in my backyard for a grand total of 26 minutes. I may already be sunburned. I am definitely dehydrated. Apparently, the heat index is 116 today. It is making me re-think the tanning bed. Ugh... but it's the principle. I just can't do it. Maybe I'll get a kiddie pool...

Anyway, if you're avoiding the outdoors in this ridiculous heat-advisory weather (unlike myself), I highly recommend reading "The Help." It. Is. So. Good! That's all for now, folks. New pictures coming soon!