I have been so busy lately, and so many things have happened in the past month that I want to blog about. I'll be catching up soon. But for today, I just want to say a little something about our sweet Chelsea.

Many of you know Chelsea, but for those of you who don't, she is our fluffy, white, lovable pekepoo.  I came home from Bible drill in February of 1996 to a huge surprise--the puppy Katie and I had been begging for! I remember how tiny she was and how excited I was. I was 9 years old.

Chelsea died Wednesday, December 1, just shy of her 15th birthday. Mama called me on my way home from the hospital and told me that the end was very near. I'm so thankful that I got to go home and see her one last time. My family gathered around her bed, petted her, and loved her. We cried and cried, but I'm so glad that we were all there around her when she passed away.

Chelsea always had painted toenails, and she's been in nearly every Christmas card picture we've taken for the last 15 years. She used to attack basketballs, and she was an avid squirrel-chaser in her younger days. She's had some pretty rough haircuts, when a new groomer very mistakenly thought we'd like more "poodle" in her 'do. We liked her fluffy. And mama would kill someone if they cut her tail hair. Mama was very picky about Chelsea's 'do.

It's a strange feeling that she's gone.  I can hardly remember not having her. She was the best dog. We are going to miss her so, so much, but she gave our family so much JOY for the last 15 years.

Chelsea loved a good walk.

I love this picture.. I don't know what the heck is all over her face, but she looks like she's laughing.

She did not like to be dressed in clothes. She was not a happy camper for this photo shoot.

Love you, Chels.