Summertime via Instagram

Summertime has come and gone. Well, sort of. It's still 115 degrees outside, but school traffic is back in full swing, and the kiddies are about to start getting sick from wiping their snot all over each other in kindergarten. Which means I'm probably about to get sick [again]. Joy. Anyway, among the highlights of Summer Y2K12 were...

I planted some flowers to go in the planters on our back deck. We're going on 3 months now, and they aren't dead yet. [Knock on wood.] I'm pretty proud of myself. 

I drink a lot of this...

Because I wear a lot of these...

Katie came to visit.

Matt officially cooks dinner more than I do. And I love it.

Oscar Bob killed a mouse. This is his third victim. He's also a bird hunter.

Matt and I went to Table 100's wine and cooking class. We've been a couple of times before. Once was paella and Spanish wines, another time was duck. I still dream about that duck... This time the theme was wines of the Southeast. 

Mississippi meets EspaƱa. Delicious.

Matt made reservations this time because the dish of the night was pork chops. I don't like pork chops, but Matt thinks that's stupid because I eat pork tenderloin. They are different! So he basically forced me into a situation in which I had two choices: starve or eat a pork chop. I must admit, it wasn't that bad. 

Again, Matt cooked dinner--my dad's burrito recipe. This time I was especially impressed because I came home to a surprise meal that had been cooked in the kitchen. Matt's culinary abilities are largely limited to the grill, so this was exciting.

One fine evening, I was watering my aforementioned plants, and I decided Matt needed a little watering. He got me back. It was funny.

We've enjoyed a lot of sunsets from our back porch.

I got on the Fifty Shades bandwagon.

We spent some quality family time in New Orleans for my cousin Lisa's graduation from OT school. 

I have the best cousins.

And the best pap!

And last but not least, I got my first big girl paycheck! I was super pumped. Finally. Finally.