21 weeks

Week 21 was pretty fantastic. We got to see what Charlotte is looking like these days, and my mama came to town for Mistletoe Marketplace! 

This picture cracks me up. We were taking a little break and sitting on this bench chatting. Charlotte was kicking a lot, and mama put her hand on my belly to feel her. We were in the midst of our little mother-daughter moment, and these two ladies in a booth right across from us just yelled out, "Is it a boy or a girl?!" We looked up and they were watching us, hands clasped and heads tilted, telling us how precious we were. It made me laugh. Then they insisted that they take our picture. So they took a picture of us and apparently she kept on snapping and caught this candid. It is a blurry phone picture, but it may be one of my favorite pictures ever! 

Earlier in the week, our friend did another just-for-fun ultrasound, so we got an extra sneak peek at baby girl. She measured her and estimated that she weighs almost exactly one pound! Look at that sweet little nose. I just love these pictures. I look at them about 50 times a day. 

And this third picture... I mean, who is this baby? Please note how the first two pictures look like the same child, and then there's this picture. This looks like a different person. I know it's just the angles and the fluid and whatnot, but it makes me laugh a little. 

And YAAAAAAAAAY for not being sick anymore!!!! Hallelujah. 


20 weeks

I can't believe this pregnancy is halfway over! It has been going by so fast. Sweet girl kicks and squirms all day, especially after I eat, and for some reason she's always really, really active right before I go to bed at night. I thought I had finally kicked the sickness {at 20 freaking weeks}, but this morning I puked. Again. Oh, Charlotte. Mama does not appreciate this anymore. Also, Matt has been able to feel her move for about a week and a half, and he just loves it! As far as cravings... apple cider and cheeseburgers. We have a Keurig coffee maker in the lounge at work, and I keep apple cider K-cups in my locker. I've been trying not to indulge in the cheeseburger craving too much, and everyday on my way home from work I have to consciously make an effort not to bee-line to Wendy's. On that note, I think my booty is growing as fast as my belly, which is quite unfortunate. I'm going to try to start exercising again after about a 16 week hiatus. I dread it, but it is so necessary.

Funny story. I was in my clinic one afternoon this week, and I was also on call for the hospital service. I was wearing scrubs, and I had my pagers clipped to the waistband on my scrub pants. While I was seeing a patient, my pager went off at least 6 times. This is the conversation that went down between my patient's mother and I:

Mom: "Are you pregnant??"
Me: "I am!"
Mom: "Girl, why you wearin' those beepers right up against yo' belly? You wakin' that baby up all the time with all that beepin'!"
Me: "Well, that has never occurred to me before..." 
Mom: "You need to let that baby sleep. Can't nobody sleep with all that beepin' goin' on next to their head. She gonna get you back after she's born! She gonna wake you up all the time!"

She's right. Can't nobody sleep with all that beepin'. 

On another note, let me give you some advice. If you're almost 21 weeks pregnant, don't try to wear non-maternity leggings to work all day. Even if it's Halloween. Even if you really want to be festive. Just get a hat or something.