We moved!

I do this so often. Halfway write a blog. Realize 6 months later that it is still a draft. Ergo, this random post from the beginning of summer. Better late than never I suppose.

Back in June, Matt and I bought our first house!

The landscaping leaves much to be desired, but we'll fix it in the spring.

I can't believe I haven't posted about our new abode yet. We're still in the process of painting, decorating, and arranging (and rearranging) our furniture, but one of these days I'll take some pictures of the inside.

Our home buying process was a pain. We put offers on two houses that got snatched out from under us by old people with a bigger budget. I was so disappointed after it happened the second time, but I suppose it was meant to be. We love our new home!

One thing I hated about our old house was the backyard. We had a lot of yard, but there was no back porch space. There was nowhere to put furniture, and our grill was in the grass. We couldn't really enjoy the space. My favorite part of our new house is the backyard! It has a big, covered patio (with a ceiling fan!), and it extends into a deck. We've already had several get togethers, and it's so nice to be able to entertain outside! There's plenty of yard for the canines to run around (and poop).

Oscar Bob and Grayce are loving it.

Dad came over and cooked us dinner when we first moved in.

My father is a master chef of tuna.

That's a meal, people.

This was back in June, when we were all free as birds before residency started. We had nothing but time and nothing to do but... this. (You like that outdoor furniture?)

We did get some new outdoor furniture. Of note, the missing chair on the end is no longer missing.

I love my kitchen window. It's big and bright and lovely. My mom is making me a roman shade, and I'm super pumped. Stay tuned.

I'm also loving our gas stove. (Sorry Matt. I had to.) Matt's even learned how to use it.

We wanted a house that we could grow into, and we absolutely love it.