Goodbye, #16

I will be 26 years old on March 31. I really thought that I was going to make it through life without any of this wisdom tooth extraction business. I thought wrong.

Wednesday I will be saying goodbye to my top left third molar.  #16, according to the lady who scheduled my appointment. It makes me nauseated thinking about it.

Since I can't stand getting my teeth cleaned, I didn't think it would be possible for me to sit in a regular dentist's office and have them rip my tooth from the depths of my gums with only lidocaine without having a panic attack or vomiting or at the very least, running away. So I will be choosing option 2. Option 2 involves anesthesia. I just assume not be aware of all the drilling and grinding and yanking and whatever else is going to happen. I just can't bear to be conscious for this whole, awful process.

I won't miss #16. I hate it for its very existence. Good riddance.

So, your prayers are welcomed. Your horror stories of dry sockets and broken jaws are not.


Brunch & some weird mail

Today turned out better than yesterday. I slept late this morning, and then I met my friend Lucy for brunch at Julep. It was fabulous. It lasted 3 hours. We both had the most delicious catfish tacos, portobello fries, and Bloody Marys--which were two-for-one, so we had 2. It was the obvious thing to do. Lucy is one of my best friends from home, and we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like since she lives in Alabama. Which explains why we had a 3 hour brunch. Good food, good company. Julep is one of my favorite Jackson restaurants. If you've never been, you should go. Get the chicken.

We saw this couple get engaged. The girl screamed a lot. I got the impression she didn't see it coming. Congrats, unknown couple!

We didn't take any pictures of ourselves today, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to throw this one (circa 6th grade) out into the world wide web. You're welcome, Luie.
14 years later, opposite sides of a college rivalry, 2 weddings, 1 baby, and a 6 hour drive between us, and I still cherish our friendship so much. Childhood friendships are the best. They're the people that get you. The people that loved you even when you wore braces and tube socks. What? It was the late 90s. You know you wore them too. Don't hate.

Another rather exciting happening occurred yesterday. I found this in the mail. It's a wedding invitation. Please note the first line. Ahhhhh!!!! That's freakin weird, y'all. T-minus 2 months and 22 days until it's official.

Matt and I have been married 6 months today! It's gone by so fast, and it's been so good. I think I'll keep him.

A less than ideal Friday

Today was not the best of days.

I started an anesthesia rotation today, so I had to wake up at the crack of dawn, which was particularly rough since I spent the 29 glorious days of February waking up no earlier than 8:00. Most days 9:00. So I spent my whole day being sleepy and cold. I mean you could've hung meat in the operating rooms today. And for the record, I hate being cold. I also stepped in poop today. Human poop. In the OR.

The pollen is so bad you can see it on the roads. It is ridiculous. My nose hurts from blowing it, I want to claw my eyeballs out, and if I sneeze one more time I may develop a hernia.

I had anxiety all day that my husband, who was in Huntsville, was going to be blown away by a tornado. 

I got in two arguments with Oscar Bob's hairdresser. Aka, the Petsmart Grooming Salon. Whom we will not be using anymore.

And now, this stupid storm has evidently torpedoed our Direct TV dish, and it looks like I won't be seeing the ending to the Law and Order: SVU episode I was enjoying. Stupid Direct TV. 

I did not go to the grocery store today because I hate the grocery store, and I just couldn't do it. However, let us all remember that there are consequences for our choices. In this instance, choice=skip grocery store [again]. Consequence=eating half a jar of pickles for dinner. I'm honestly not sure if that's a peak or a valley in this day that I've had.

And did I mention that I have to have my one and only wisdom tooth pulled? Let me tell you how pumped I am about that... Never mind. Talking about it makes me nauseated. Just pray for me. And my tooth. Thanks.

I apologize for all that complaining. I guess my day could've been worse. I mean, I'm alive currently, so that's on the positive side I suppose.

There were a few highlights. I changed my sheets, which always makes me feel a little better about life in general. I had an hour and a half-long conversation with my BFF, Sandidge. I also found out that another one of my best friends, Lucy, is coming into town this weekend, and I'm super pumped about our lunch date tomorrow! It is such a rare occasion these days since we live in different states. And despite my encounters with the groomer, Oscar Bob did finally get his haircut. 



That is all. It is late. And I have to wake up before noon tomorrow due to aforementioned lunch date. Goodnight!


Better late than never.

It is March.

This is a Christmas post.

Yes, I'm just getting around to it.

We kicked off the Christmas season with a little par-tay.

See those brownies? They were delicious. Grayce thought so too. She ate approximately 12 of them, along with approximately 10 chocolate meringues (with chocolate chips). Matt and I spent the later part of the evening in the driveway attempting to induce vomiting in our 75-lb weimaraner by shoving hydrogen peroxide down her throat (before you call PETA, that was per the vet's suggestion). Did I mention it was raining? It was. Heavily, in fact.

Canton Flea Market find last year. 

My friend Laura attended our party, despite the fact that she'd given birth to this sweet girl THREE DAYS earlier. She's a ninja. And she was tiny and gorgeous. 3 days post-partum. Ridiculous. I'm glad I got to host Mary Frances' first ever Christmas party!

I made home made hot chocolate for several people to go along with their Christmas gifts. Pinterest-inspired, of course. I was so proud. I made some more recently- for myself.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Matt's family in Alabama.  This little guy was so excited about his new toy! Don't I look pretty? Pretty rough, that is.

Grayce was excited about her Christmas goodies, too.

Then we went to Hattiesburg Christmas afternoon to spent the night with my family. (We did Christmas with my dad the week before because he was working a 24-hr shift on Christmas Eve. And I did not take a single picture. Busy livin' it up, I reckon.) Anyway, this guy was sleepy. And having a bad ear-hair day.

Just trying to get a nap in. Not going so well.

I truly don't know what's going on in this picture.

Kitchen photo-shoot.

The most hot-chocolate-drinkingest man I've ever met. 

Moving on to the living room photo shoot.

Family pic.

Happy birthday, Mama!

Christmas at Mamaw and Pap's. That's Christmas #4, if you're keeping count. 

Just in case you need a little extra light...


Now that Christmas in March is over, let us move on to New Year's Eve in March.

Happy twenty-twelve, y'all. It's 1/6 over already!